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Why Should I Outsource my Freight Bill Payment Function?

Any company that ships product is familiar with freight bills and the process for paying them. Less understood is the industry that has been built around outsourcing these payment activities.  There several good reasons to outsource your freight bill payment function.  The most popular being the possibility of lower costs.  It costs a large company about $10 in fully allocated costs to pay one freight bill. If a freight bill payment company pays the same bill, the cost to the shipper is approximately 5 percent to 10 percent of the internal expenses. Add to this another 2 percent to 5 percent saved through the reduction in incorrect and/or duplicate freight bills, and the cost cuts can be significant.  The real value, however, is added through the business intelligence a freight bill payment provider generates. Even before the bill is paid, the freight bill auditor’s experience, combined with the latest technology, ensures that companies pay the correct rate, including accessorial and surchargesFPI is staffed with this same seasoned Logistics professionals and equipped with state of the art technology. 

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