Audit and Payment

Transaction Types

Freight Payment Inc. supports both domestic and international shipping transactions and, in the case of international, is capable of auditing multiple foreign currencies and associated taxes. In addition, all transportation modes are supported including ground, ocean, air, small parcel, LTL, volume, and truckload.

Data Streams and Entry

Freight Payment Inc. maintains all of the needed EDI transaction sets required to process freight bills in an efficient and accurate manner. Where available from the carrier, the EDI210 will be established and maintained as needed. Where the manual entry of paper invoicing is required, Freight Payment Inc. supports that as well, and has a well-trained staff to ensure the highest level of data entry accuracy. A download of the clients Bill of Lading file is also established and supported using virtually any data format required by the client.

Client Specific Audit Business Rules

At inception of the service, Freight Payment Inc. will work with the client to determine the audit and business rules specific to the client. This allows Freight Payment Inc. the ability to provide the client with a custom-tailored audit function to meet organizational needs and policies.

Exception Resolution

Many audit companies will present exceptions back to the client for research and resolution with the carrier. While standard practice within the industry, Freight Payment Inc. recognizes that this task is extremely burdensome for most companies. Such a process can burn client recourses and potentially undermine the audit process itself. Accordingly, Freight Payment Inc. maintains responsibility for the resolution of all audit exceptions with the carrier, shipper, and warehouse as needed. Where required, weight and inspection certificates are obtained from carriers on a per case basis. Freight Payment Inc. does not recommend the processing of short payments to carriers. Instead, carriers are required to submit corrected invoicing as needed.

If the client prefers to resolve his or her own exceptions, Freight Payment Inc. will provide its "Resolution Screen" to the client. Using the screen, clients review posted exceptions and then release those exceptions for processing as resolved.

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  • Eliminate excessive workload and tedious investigation of all exceptions.
  • Gain the benefit of knowing that Freight Payment Inc. has the capabilities and expertise to effectively audit all modes of transportation.
  • Take advantage of our expertise within both domestic and international transportation markets.
  • Leverage the efficiency and benefits associated with EDI210 electronic carrier invoice processing.
  • Secure an audit process that properly supports your specific audit rules and policies.