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Things to Consider When Choosing a Freight Bill Payment Provider

Once you have decided to outsource your freight bill payment function, it is time to begin a careful evaluation and selection process. Each company’s needs will be unique, but there are certain basic criteria against which potential freight bill companies should be measured.

Financial stability. Financial stability has become very important in recent years, particularly for companies paying billions of dollars in freight bills. The potential outsourcer should know how long the provider has been in business, and whether it has the resources to survive economic downturns.

Business experience. Research the provider carefully to determine its experience in the industry and with other outsourcers.  Research any customer testimonials from their website.  Google the company name for any web based information.

Commitment to technology. Providers should have the technology to take advantage of their own critical mass and provide the output you desire.

Management depth and strength. The provider must have a strong, skilled organization, as well as adequate, qualified management.  Request information on relevant industry experience of their top managers.

Reputation with other companies. The best substitute for personal experience is the experience of other freight bill payment outsourcers.  Ask for referrals.

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